Malawi Desks Project


     In September 2014 I visited Malawi as part of my work on The Falkirk Music Pot project. Malawi has long associations with Scotland and part of that legacy is ongoing support for girls’ education.  I was delighted to learn that my old school, Falkirk High School, has a partnership with Bandawe Girls Secondary School, through the Mamie Martin Fund


My wife Jacqueline and I saw the pupils’ hunger for education, but also saw how this is made more difficult through lack of desks.  We saw up to 10 girls working around small tables. Younger girls often sit on the floor working on a box, while older pupils get what few desks and chairs they have – some of which I actually recognised as being from my old school! So, we pledged to raise money for purpose made desks, with a goal of £2500.


I’m delighted to report that the first desks have been made and want to thank everyone who has already donated  either with a personal gift, or by buying a Music Pot CD, from which I donate £3 from every sale. The Headmaster at BAGSS, Benford Mwakayuni, has sent these photographs and you can see him with some of his pupils at some of their new desks. I am preparing more tracks recorded at BAGSS for a CD to be sold to raise more money. I know these desks will make it easier for the pupils to learn, but also, separate desks will make it easier to control the spread of inevitable childhood infections. 


Please check back for news on the CD and again, thank you for your support, Brian.